Day 8: Deep Gap Shelter to Bly Gap

We got a later start today because we were burrowed in our sleeping bags and couldn’t see that the sun had come up. We were the last ones to leave around 10:30. We would like to start earlier, but when you don’t set an alarm, you just have to rely on the sun or the rustling of other hikers getting ready. We climbed Powell Mountain and then had a long descent into Dicks Creek Gap. We also had a long, steady climb up Buzzard Knob. We didn’t see many people on the trail today. We have heard that some people have dropped out, but I think also a lot of people are taking a couple of days off in Hiawassee because of the cold. About 30% of hikers who started at Springer Mountain have dropped out by now. It’s sad to hear about people you know getting off the trail, but that’s how it goes.

Today was a big day. We crossed our first state line and we are officially in North Carolina! I still can’t believe we have made it this far. We hiked 78.5 miles in Georgia, not including the 8.8 miles of the approach trail. One state down. Thirteen to go. I know that we’re the ones doing this thing, but it all still seems surreal to me. We just hiked into another state. What?! Georgia was absolutely beautiful and I’d recommend hiking there to anyone.

Both of us have a few blisters, but nothing major. My knees have been bothering me on the descents, but I can blame genetics for that, right dad? I don’t think the I’ve got my trail legs yet, but I do think I’m getting there. I must have lost a couple of pounds already too because I’ve already had to tighten up my hip belt. As my dad reminded me, it’s important to eat enough protein so that I can continue to hike. Losing too much weight or muscle in my case would not be good.

We’ve had a couple of long days. We hiked 13.1 miles yesterday and 12.6 today. We’re still loving it out here and meeting so many different people. We’re preparing for rain tomorrow, so we can only hope that it’s not too cold and windy out as well.

We smell bad, we’re dirty, and we’re hungry all the time, but we’re going to keep on truckin’! We’re ready to conquer a new state along the AT.


8 thoughts on “Day 8: Deep Gap Shelter to Bly Gap

  1. Joe says:

    Debbie here. Keep up the positive attitude!

  2. Sharon Tirrell says:

    “Keep Truckin.”We’re loving your blog.Looking forward to seeing you at Hot Springs. Got our fingers crossed about the timing. Grandma has a United Way board retreat on Thursday the 28th and we’re hosting the church choir dinner on Easter Sunday, the 31rst. We’re hoping you get to Hot Springs April 1,2 or 3. She has a surgical procedure on the 4th/5th and then we have free days 4/6,7,8, and 9. Do you have any idea of your timing? Love, G&G

  3. Graig says:

    Keep up the good work!!
    Thanks as always for sharing your adventures!!

  4. Sit a Bit says:

    Keep going, I’m impressed with all of the hikers who have started in the last 4 weeks, you are enduring some cold and snotty weather. Tough group of hikers, a class of your own. The weather should change soon and you will enjoy spring hiking. On the flip side, you won’t be hiking through NY, CN, and MA when it is 95-100 degrees with 100% humidity. Big tip for the knees and joints, purchase some glucosamine-condroitine and take at least 4 every night (old man’s joint lubrication). It takes a few days to kick in but it does work and will reduce your joint inflammation, especially in the knees. If you get this in time, a heads up for you, (this is a little know fall back point)if you don’t want to stay at the NOC and you hike through and get tired or short of supplies by the time you hit Stecoah Gap, stay at the Cabin in the Woods, Donna will pick you up at the trail head, and she has a nice place to stay (cabins or bunk house) and she’ll bring you into the market in Robinsville.

    • linzgordo says:

      Thanks for the tips! Very useful. We have a contact in Knoxville with a 2012 thru-hiker who has offered is a ride to Robbinsville. If for some reason that doesn’t work out for us, the cabins sound like a good idea!

  5. sonnyg says:

    Just stumbled on your blog and really enjoyed hearing about your hike. I will be section hiking in a few weeks (GA). You will enjoy your upcoming miles in NC, it’s really beautiful. Be sure to rest up at the NOC before the daunting Cheoah climb. Good luck to you and Miles.

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