Day 32: Cherry Gap Shelter to Roan High Knob Shelter

Today’s mileage: 16.8
Total mileage: 375.8

Today was a big day for us. We have been on the AT for one month!!! It sure flew by and yet it seems like Springer Mountain was so long ago. We’ve learned a lot, hiked a lot, and have met a lot of people.

The day started out cloudy with a chance of rain, but it held off and cleared out as the day went on. There were many ascents and descents today before we got to Roan Mountain, the last ascent of the day. I think it’s only fitting that we celebrate one month on the trail by tenting near the highest shelter on the AT. I believe Roan is our last 6,000 footer until Mt. Washington, which will also be our last.

We didn’t see too many hikers today. It’s back to what it was like before we got into Erwin. It seems that you run into a lot of people as you come out of town before everyone starts to spread out.

My knee felt pretty good today and even my blisters didn’t bother me. But there’s always something it seems. Today it was a sore right quad and calf muscle. The soreness must be related to my knee troubles because it’s only on the right side. If I stopped for a break or sat down for a few minutes, my quad especially felt really sore. I just can’t win. Everyday it’s a new pain or an old injury coming back again. I don’t let it slow me down, but I wonder if there will ever be a day out here when not one part of my body is in pain.

Despite the fact that Roan Mountain is large and in charge, the 4 mile climb wasn’t bad at all. The switchbacks were very gradual and even the steeper section near the top wasn’t bad either. We made good time coming up Roan. Despite my injuries, I do feel like a stronger hiker than when I started. It was beautiful near the top as we hiked through a forest with water dripping off boulders and the sun peaking through the trees. Steam rolled off our backs as we entered the cool, dark woods. We enjoyed the respite from the heat as we reached the top where we didn’t find a view, but a small rabbit sitting in a meadow. We also encountered our arch nemesis again today: ice. In some of the shadier areas, there was still some ice and snow. Nothing like what we’ve dealt with before, but Miles did manage to fall on a patch of ice on our way to the shelter. He also took a digger earlier in the day when he fell down log stairs. He slipped on one and all I saw was his head disappear all of a sudden. It looked pretty serious from where I was, but he ended up being okay. Just some scratches on his arm and probably a bruise tomorrow. He really upped his monthly fall count today, much to his dislike.

We reminisced on the past month tonight and looked back through photos and journal entries. We talked about our first day, our worst day, our favorite mountains, and our favorite trail locale names. We laughed hysterically at ridiculous photos we took, videos we made, and quotes from my journal. It’s strange looking back at us on our first day before we started the approach trail. Miles was clean shaven and we were wild with enthusiasm. Now, one month later, Miles may have more facial hair, but our enthusiasm has not waned and we remain dedicated and emotionally invested in our journey.

I really can’t believe we’ve been hiking for an entire month. I dreamed about this trip for so long, but I never could have imagined how I would feel after being out here for almost 5 weeks. We really feel like thru-hikers now. Our gear doesn’t look brand new anymore, our clothes permanently smell, and our guide book is well worn and stained with dirt where we have turned the pages so many times. I’ve gotten used to sleeping on a not-so-soft sleeping pad, I haven’t shaved in a month, and I can successfully hang a bear bag.

Spring is most definitely here and we hope we’re lucky enough to keep on hiking all the way into a New England summer.

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10 thoughts on “Day 32: Cherry Gap Shelter to Roan High Knob Shelter

  1. Dave Glidden says:

    I am enjoying following your adventure. Your Mom gave me a couple of addresses to ship you some ‘trail magic’.

  2. Ken says:

    Thanks for the post Lindsey. I look forward to reading about yours and Miles adventure everyday. Hang in there and keep on pushing. Remember: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

  3. johngordonarch7 says:

    Sounds like you guys had two great days on the trail. As I read, clichés abound – onward and upward!…keep on truckin’!….NO PAIN NO GAIN! BTW, Louie loved reading his postcard from Auntie L! ;-). Amore,papa

  4. Kathy Lindsey says:

    Hi Lindsey and Miles, I am really enjoying reading your daily posts!! I have read every one of them and look forward to them each day. I also forward them all to Katie each day and she reads them as well. I am so proud and happy for you both. I’ve been praying for your safe and happy travels. Have fun!! Aunt Kathy

    • linzgordo says:

      Thanks Aunt Kathy! I’m so glad that all of you are enjoying my blog. It’s been fun to write each and every night knowing that others can follow along on our journey! We have met quite a few Ohioans out here. We’re excited to hike in Virginia now as the weather gets warmer.

  5. Bain & Rita says:

    HI Guys, Your heading towards Hump Mountain……an absolutely great couple days coming your way….hope u have good weather for your high traverse! Spent yesterday in Boston, went to watch a piece of the marathon with family, including 2 year old grand daughter.we were only about. 4 blocks away and 1 hour prior to the bombings…..very emotional day……Best of Luck……Sherpa

  6. Bill says:

    You are doing great. Getting to the Virginia super highway soon

  7. Mom says:

    I am so happy that you are safe on the AT instead of in Boston where there were bombs in the area of the marathon finish line. 3 people were killed and over a hundred injured including people losing limbs. A very sad day for our nation, so it makes me want to join you on the trail away from this crazy world we live in. Great hearing about your adventures in the mountains. Your positive attitude and sheer enjoyment in what you are doing makes me a happy mom! Xoxo

  8. Gene and George says:

    Ditto to everything Denise said – we are in sad mourning here in New England, after yesterday’s tragedy in Boston. Be safe where you are and come on back to Maine with new respect for the beauty and drama of Mother Nature!

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