Our Story

So, who are we and how did we come to this point of our lives, leaving our family, our friends, and life as we know it to live out of a backpack for 6 months?

I was born and raised in the small town of Bucksport, Maine. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston in 2010 with a degree in Documentary Production, I moved to Portland, Maine where I’ll be living up until our hike. After a stint as a cook for over a year and as a camera operator for the Sea Dogs, the Red Sox AA baseball team in Portland, I began a portrait photography business, Tandem Studios, with my oldest sister Jessica, while also working as a freelance videographer and editor. Only 3 years ago, I said I would never EVER run a marathon…this fall I finished my second marathon :0. Don’t believe me when I say that I won’t do some insane physical activity, because I’ll probably end up doing it someday.

Lindsey on the way up Katahdin with Knife's Edge in the background.

Lindsey on the way up Katahdin with Knife’s Edge in the background.

Miles grew up in Castine, Maine and moved to Bucksport when he was 13 years old. Two years later, as sophomores in high school, we started dating and have been together ever since. Miles graduated from UMass Amherst in 2011 where he was the captain of the club soccer team and majored in Social Thought and Political Economy. And if you’re as confused as I am about what his major actually entails, the bottom line is that he wants to become a high school history/civics/mock trial teacher and coach soccer and basketball. Miles is balancing a ton of work before our hike in a few months as he substitute teaches and is well into his first year as a head coach of the JV girls basketball team at our alma mater. You wouldn’t recognize this guy from the kid he was back in high school. He was the crazy, political kid with a huge fro, tattered sneakers, sporting a bulging backpack and a discman running down the halls to be the first in line for a hot piece of pepperoni pizza at lunch. Now he boldly declares, “I don’t have time to wear t-shirts anymore.” Sorry Miles, but come March 14, 2013 you’re going to be more like that crazy high school kid than the professional clean-shaven teacher and coach you are now 🙂

It was only last March that we decided to thru-hike the AT, but we decided that there was no better time to go than now. We’re in our early 20s, fresh out of school, and I knew that if we put it off even another year, that more than likely we would never do it. School, finances, or jobs would all be excuses in the future, so I knew the time was now.

2010 Hike up Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park

2010 Hike up Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park

What can I say? We love Dave Matthews Band.

What can I say? We love Dave Matthews Band.

Miles and I after the Maine Marathon 2012. I finished my second marathon and Miles did his first half.

Miles and I after the Maine Marathon 2012. I finished my second marathon and Miles did his first half.

7 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. javelin13 says:

    Good luck with your hike. I’ll be two weeks behind you. May the weather be with us.

  2. Ted Liedle says:

    Good luck on your thru hike. I’ll be right behind you, starting March 22. I have a film degree from MSU–Montana State–1972. I’ll be shooting on the trail with a Lumix fz200, single and double system sound, light tripod, tweeting via Spot Connect and iPhone. Vimeo.com/liedlefilms Twitter: @tedlie Hope to see you two on the trail!

  3. Erica says:

    Love checking out your blog. Very enjoyable. Good luck!

  4. JD Harbuck says:

    Yak & Stitch’s 2011 Journal may be helpful.
    Good job !

  5. glenn gordon says:

    Good luck from Hermon Maine! Be looking forward to your updates.

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